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Asia is Highlight Quartet's Baritone and resident puzzle master.  

She brings many years of barbershop experience both from Chorus and Quartet, starting in 2013. Whether piecing together a tag, or new phrases in music, Asia is a major factor in Highlight's "voice".



Claire is Highlight Quartet's Lead and Storyteller. 

She started her barbershop career in 2018, bringing to the table many years of music theory and education in piano and voice.


She also has an encyclopedic knowledge of the Sailor Moon franchise, although this hasn't come in handy quite as often as she would like.



Leah is Highlight Quartet's Bass and attitude.

She began her barbershop journey in 2013, through Harmony Explosion NW and is continuing now with Highlight Quartet!


She has participated in Drama/Musical Theatre competitions, and studied Theatre Performance, Voice Diction, Vocal Performance, and dance. 



Kat is Highlight Quartet's Tenor and stylist.  

She began her barbershop experience in 2005 through a local Harmony Explosion Camp, and joined Sweet Adelines in 2011. Her lengthy experience in the artform, along with a keen sense for eye catching stage-looks has inspired Highlight's Signature sense of style!

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