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Electronic Press Kit (EPK)


Highlight Quartet is a Women's Barbershop Quartet. Focused on bringing fun and a cappella singing to the stage: Highlight features interactive  performances for Kids, Grownups, and everyone in between!

Parting Glass Irish Ballad
All you Need Is Love
Carmen SanDiego

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All Videos

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Christmas Chopsticks 2022

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Build a Rainbow

Build a Rainbow

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EPK Kidding Around

EPK Kidding Around

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Press and Testimonials

Sheet Music

Imagine Children's Museum

What a wonderful performance!  We really appreciate all the work that went into putting that together!

Kid Playing with Bubble

Kids Everywhere

So fun!

I want to listen to the singing ladies!

Colored Theatre Lights

Midred Brown

Four talented young ladies with a sound blend so beautiful you will want to hear again and again. They can deliver anything from witty, entertaining laughs to tender feelings. Don’t miss an opportunity to experience Highlight Quartet.


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